Pure Food KidsWorkshops are proving to be an effective way to spark curiosity and empower kids and their families to make healthy food choices.

Engaging and empowering students and teachers:

  •  More than 50,000 kids and 1,700 school teachers have participated in our Pure Food Kids workshops IMG_0207
  • 95% of eligible teachers asking us to return year after year and our growing waiting list shows demand is rising!
  • More than 300 schools in the Seattle and New York City metro areas have invited Beecher’s Flagship Foundation to bring our Pure Food Kids workshop to their classrooms
  • Kids got 46% correct answers on a pre-workshop quiz and 72% correct answers on the post workshop quiz
  • 94% retention of knowledge after at least 4 weeks
  • 85% of the kids report improving their eating habits

Parents responding to online survey report;

  • 45% parents reading more label as a result of their child participating in a Pure Food Kids workshop
  • 60% families report improvement in grocery buying habits

What people are saying about Pure Food Workshops:

I just wanted to thank you again, so much, for coming to speak to Mr. G.’s class about nutrition.  I love the way you present the material and information to the students!  I attended your presentation last year, as well, and wanted to let you know the impact you have had in my life personally.  After watching your presentation last year, I have now incorporated label reading into my regular shopping routine.  Specifically, I watch for color additives in the products I buy, along with keeping an eye out for partially hydrogenated oils.  It has almost become a game of trying to find products with the least amount of ingredients, and because of what I learned from your presentation, I believe my family is eating much healthier.  Also, because both my boys have seen your presentation, they are much more interested in eating healthy and avoiding food dyes and unhealthy fats.  It is much easier to include them in the food choices I make for them, because you taught them how to be food detectives as well, and why it is important to understand what is in the foods they are eating.  Thank you so much for the work you do – you are changing the lives of many families for the better – mine included!!

Take care and keep up the good work.”

-K.C., Parent, Stephenson Elementary

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