Our Story


Seattle food entrepreneur and chef, Kurt Beecher Dammeier, has long been concerned about the growing number of food additives in the food supply, as well as the misleading food packaging that was attracting his own children. To effect change, in 2004, he founded the Beecher’s Flagship Foundation, aiming to support youth food education programs that teach children how to know what’s in the foods they eat so they are empowered to make healthier food choices for life.

Disappointed by the lack of comprehensive food education and cooking programs for youth in the schools, Kurt decided that, to fill the void, the Foundation would develop its own program. With input by experts at Washington State University, in 2006, the very first Pure Food Kids Workshop was held – and the educational community latched on.

A learning-standards-based curricula free to schools, the Workshop’s effectiveness and fun-factor led to high-demand by public and private schools.  With a focus on reaching elementary students with marketing, label reading, and cooking education, in 2014, the initiative changed its name to Pure Food Kids Foundation, and continues to support hundreds of schools in the Seattle and New York City metro areas with its Pure Food Kids Workshop.

The Pure Food Kids Foundation is primarily funded by the ongoing donation by Kurt’s company, Sugar Mountain, whose core mission is to “Change the Way America Eats.” Providing full-flavored foods free of harmful, industrial food additives, the Sugar Mountain family of businesses includes Beecher’s Handmade Cheese, The Butcher's Table, Pasta & Co, Bennett’s, Mishima Reserve, and Maximus / Minimus.