Experience Pure Food Kids: Niki Amini-Naieni

This post was written by Niki Amini-Naieni

It has been seven years since my workshop at Pure Food Kids Foundation, and I still remember my experience.

The workshop completely transformed the way that I think about food. Before the workshop, which I had in fourth grade, I had never thought about the quality of the food that I ate everyday. I had never realized how important food is for fueling my body and happiness. Instead, like many other American children, I mindlessly consumed without paying particular attention to the ingredients or appreciating the hard work that was put into producing healthy foods.

The workshop piqued my very first interest in cooking, and my curiosity about health. Just like any other life skill, the learnings from this lesson gave me the tools that I needed to make healthy decisions as a child and as a young adult.

But this is not all that the workshop did for me. After this, I helped my mother cook Iranian dishes and started creating my own healthy recipes. I was hooked by the taste and health benefits of produce. I started volunteering at my local farmers market and applying the skills that I had learned to my everyday lifestyle. I would develop recipes and innovative combinations of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. I share my recipes with my family, friends, and teachers.

A single seed planted by the Pure Food Kids Foundation has the ability to impact not only one student but also the plethora of people who surround him or her. Pure Food Kids Foundation has taught 91,048 students. Imagine the positive effects it has had on so many people's lives.

I am so grateful for Pure Food Kids Foundation's visit to my school in fourth grade, so I have started interning for the foundation. But what the people there do everyday for so many children is priceless, and I am forever thankful.

Even seven years later, I will still say that what I learned in two and a half hours contributes immensely to my appreciation and care for quality, healthy, and delicious food today.

I hope that you too sign up for a free two and a half hour workshop for your school because a single class will completely change so many people's lives in a way that is lasting.