Meet Raquel Jacquez

Raquel has worked in edible education for the past five years, contributing innovative ideas and lessons to garden and kitchen classrooms across California. After working as a Chef Teacher at the flagship Edible Schoolyard in Berkeley, she was a part of the pioneering teams at the Buena Vista and Grimmway Academy Edible Schoolyards, both projects of the Grimm Family Education Foundation. Raquel also assisted in the curriculum design of The Charlie Cart Project - in its early stages - creating cooking lessons and developing recipes that were aligned with the Common Core Standards. The Charlie Cart Project is a mobile-kitchen cart project in collaboration with the Edible Schoolyard Project, created by Carolyn Federman. 

Most recently, she assisted in graduate level research at the Tisch Center for Food, Education and Policy that informed the design of food education curriculum and programming titled, In Defense of Food, in collaboration with PBS and based on Michael Pollan's book. She is currently a graduate student in Health Education at Teacher's College, Columbia University. Raquel likes to spend her free time treasure hunting for antiques, traveling and exploring recipes from rare cookbooks. 

Raquel joined our New York City team in March and we are excited to have her on board!