Jonathan Saturay

Jonathan Saturay grew up in a Filipino household that put food and community together hand in hand. Combining his passions for music, education, and good food, Jonathan serves as Staff Coordinator for the Seattle School’s All-City Marching Band in addition to being the lead instructor for the Pure Food Kids Workshop. Jonathan finds educating kids about nutrition and instilling a sense of community through cooking an extremely rewarding experience, and the kids just love him!

A South Seattle native, Jonathan grew up in Columbia City, attended high school in Renton, and went on to study Music Educa­tion at Arizona State University. When Jonathan isn’t too busy fighting the good food fight or teaching music, he enjoys reveling in everything the Pacific Northwest has to offer: hiking local trails with his best friends, listening to Seattle Hip Hop, and waiting impatiently for Rainier Cherry season. Jonathan is now leading a bi-coastal life as he heads up Pure Food Kids Foundation operations in New York City.

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