Meet Niesha Fort

Meet Niesha Fort! Niesha has been with the Beecher's Pure Food Kids Foundation since January 2015 and has since turned 663 kids into food detectives! 

Niesha brings a diverse set of skills and experiences to her role as Pure Food Kids Workshop Instructor -- from serving as a college mentor to high school students in Ghana, West Africa, to her work as a volunteer with several organizations including co-founding Tech Diversified, an initiative working to expose people of color to tech through professional development opportunities. A graduate of California State University-Sacramento, Niesha is trained in mediation, negotiation, peace-building and has more than 10 years of marketing experience for a variety of businesses. Niesha has a can-do attitude, believes in setting a positive example for kids, and enjoys being a mom.

When not teaching with Beecher's Pure Food Kids Foundation and spending time with her familiy, Niesha enjoys working out at Orange Theory Fitness, where she has been on a mission to be healthy and active.

Thank you, Niesha, for the amazing work that you do -- inspiring kids and others around you!