Gatorade is the New Cigarette


Pure Food Kids Foundation and Beecher's Handmade Cheese founder Kurt Beecher Dammeier debuted a talk about how sports drinks are using the same tactics cigarette companies used decades ago to get us hooked at an event on Mercer Island in October. Now, we're ramping up to become policy advocates with this message. 

In 2006, Kurt established the Beecher's Pure Food Kids Foundation, which has empowered more than 72,000 kids to make healthier food decisions for life. Now, nearly a decade later, Kurt is launching a series of food system change initiatives under the moniker Pure Food Revolution.

The project seeks to raise public support for food policy action to improve school food, bring back an updated Home Ec curriculum, ban marketing food and beverages to kids, and require full food and drink labeling transparency

We're currently planning events, media interviews, and speaking engagements to promote the food policy goals outlined in Kurt's video, and in the coming weeks and months Kurt is eager to bring his message of how our food choices can turn the tide on diet related disease to Seattle-area groups of various sizes and interests.

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