Teacher Appreciation Night & Food Education Showcase

In 2011, shortly after Beecher's Handmade Cheese opened a store and a restaurant in Mahattan's Flatiron neighborhood, the Pure Food Kids Foundation began offering our free food and cooking education workshops to schools in New York City.   It has been so rewarding and exciting to see the program spread from just a couple of schools to 16 schools and nearly 60 classrooms - turning 1,467 5th grade students into food detectives - in the 2014/15 school year.  We are so grateful to the teachers, parents and school administrators who invited us to bring the magic of Pure Food Kids workshops to their students.  

In celebration, on the evening of Tuesday, Oct. 20th, a community of almost 75 teachers, administrators, and parent coordinators were honored at our "Teacher Appreciation and Food Education reception" at Beecher’s Handmade Cheese. It was incredible to hear from teachers as they shared their experiences with the Pure Food Kids Workshop.

There isn’t enough time to teach anything we need to teach. We’re always trying to squeeze in time to teach science and social studies. The Pure Food Kids Workshop has taken care of my entire unit for me. I was thrilled beyond belief, I was so happy. After the workshop, I just needed to do a quick review, boom, I was ready to assess my students and I was on my merry way.
— Anna H. | 5th grade teacher | PS 102, Brooklyn

The Pure Food Kids Workshop is a learning standards aligned curricula that equips students with the knowledge to make healthier food and drink choices for life. From nutrition label reading skills to knife skills, teachers that evening shared how the Pure Food Kids Workshop helps create positive change both in and out of the classroom in the days and weeks following the workshop.

The Pure Food Kids Workshop motivated me to work with my daughter. I’ve really committed myself to live a healthier life. Through determination, wise food choices, and everything I’ve learned in the Pure Food Kids Workshop I was able to make healthier choices. My one wish for everyone is that this Foundation continues to educate our youth so that they can empower others.
— Missy M. | 5th Grade Teacher | PS 83, Bronx

Thanks to those who were able to attend this event! If you would like to learn more about the Pure Food Kids Workshop or schedule one for your school please visit: http://www.purefoodkids.org/schedule-a-workshop


Thanks to the representatives from the following schools:

  • PS 372K
  • Achievement First
  • MS 88
  • MS 88
  • PS 105X
  • PS 180K
  • PS 83
  • PS 282
  • PS 291
  • PS 333
  • PS 105
  • PS 291X
  • Grace Church School
  • PS 94M@188
  • PS 17X
  • PS/MS 282
  • PS 165
  • PS 102
  • Concourse Village Elementary School (359X)
  • MS 324
  • MS 324
  • PS/IS 30

In addition, the Beecher’s Pure Food Kids Foundation would like to thank the following people for make the evening a wonderful success:

* Clare Brower, Private Dining & Events Manager and all the hosts and chefs of Beecher’s Handmade Cheese

* Speakers for the evening: Margaret Sheri (Parent Coordinator, PS 102), Anna Hom (5th Grade Teacher, PS 102), Missy McDonough (5th Grade Teacher PS 105)

* Volunteers: Allison L. & Diogo I.